How to connect 2 computers with Serial Cable for File Sharing?

Do you know about, how to connect two PCs with Serial Cable? Have you any idea about this connection. A direct cable connection is a link between the input/output (I/O) ports of two computers by using a single cable rather than a modem or other interfacing device. You can use this kind of network to share files, a printer or another peripheral device, and even an Internet connection.

If you have to transfer huge files from one PC to another, using a flash disk or burning a CD-ROM ROM can seem like a waste of time. One wise way to move these files speedily between two computers would be to use a USB-USB cable.

When you connect 2 pc with direct cable you will need 2 computers with network cards and serial ports and 1 crossover cable (yellow category 5 or CAT5 cable).

How to connect 2 PCs with Direct cable:

  • First turn off computers and connect end of the cable into the both computer’s network card. Then turn both computers on.
  • Then decide which computer will play host when using Windows XP. Go to control panel on the host computer, click on network connections. Look in network tasks to discover, “Create new connection” Click “Next.”
  • Click “Set up advanced connection and next and click “connect directly to another computer” and “next”, click on “host”.
  • Select the “serial port” to use for the connection. Click on next to decide who will have contact and check the corresponding boxes. Click “Next,” and then “Finish.”
  • Turn to computer number 2, which needs information from the main computer. Type name for the connection and click “Next.”
  • Repeat third step on the second computer and complete the setup process.

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